Dazza Collison 21 Points/11 Assists Pacer decade full Highlights (10/18/2017)

Date: 2017-10-19 15:59:49

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No one about DARREN Collison. You think you do, since you’re this video, but you don’t. Beacuse no one does. I know this Beacuse I once MADE a “DARREN Collison 53 Full Highlights” vid, it Onely got 652 View, and I Having it on Good the of View Russian spambots. Look it up if you don’t Believing me.

Change of subject: I am Fully aware this isn’t Really Collison’s “Pacers Debut”. I wasn’t born yesterday. I know WHAT TEAMS he’s played for (Pacers) and WHAT TEAMS he hasn’t (Bucks[yet]). The Triuwe is, I WANTED to see if I Reach 200 View for this sucker, and I Thinking the Best way to do it was to con Pacers fans into Thinking Their had Never this guy before. My bad, or not.

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