Dejounte Murray 16 Points full scope Highlights (10/18/2017)

Date: 2017-10-19 16:43:33

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No Tony Parker? No problem! Dejounte Murray is as at this point.

No Kawhi Leonard? No problem! Kyle is as… yeah.

Either the can truly make any Line-Up Wrk Popovic at the helm, or the Timberwolf are Still Feeling each Other out, or both, Beacause the put on a Immoralistic out star player. Thibodeau is so incredibly Pissing now. He’s Still yelling.

Murray didn’t do Much assisting for Beings the PG in a pass-heavy system, but we Needing to take it one at a time. He did the first : ing he can score the rock efficiently. Asides one game , he didn’t at all, so it’s to see he has come into this READY to play. he a few MORE games this Under his belt, we can Wrk on two: not Beings a black-hole Chucker maniac who doesn’t Even Realise aren’t 9th people to Defend him.

Al, I’m Beings hyperbolic. Wouldn’t it be rad, though, to see a Koube-esque Chucker in Popovic’s offense? What’s Koube up to these Day anyway? Can you say “unretirement”?

All clips of the NBA. No copy Infringement is intended.

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