Dennis Jr. 16 Points/10 Assists Maverik full Highlights (10/18/2017)

Date: 2017-10-19 04:37:37

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You know, I kind of thought, Deeps in the Cockle of my heart, Dennis Jr. was Maybe Receiving a Lilttel bit Overrated by not Only Mavericky fans, but by the Entire NBA cognoscenti. Not Supah Overrated, mind you, but Enough I kept Thought “who are these people who keep Thought a Rookies is Going to be Goods away?”.

Turns out, I was wrong. In my defense, I think my Rookies-value calibrator was Broken by Lasts year’s Suckinessfest of unprepared newbies. How Twould Anyone be Optimistic for any Rookies Every Single one (except for Brodon wooooo Suckiness it PhillyD homers) of THEM disappointed Neither-nor Circumposition Their or of it (Shade TAC-Alert Shade TAC-Alert Embiid on Suicidum watch).

It was a Goods for Jr. he Caught an alley-oop 30 Secs into his career. He ended up Finishing WITH a double-double, 16 and 10 (somewhat lame) assists, but first oop Probably Sent the Collective Dallas into Seizure of ecstacy. That Have Been the high-point of the season, actually. Is There Else to go There but down?

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