Domantas Sabonis 16 Points Pacer full bloom Highlights (10/18/2017)

Date: 2017-10-19 05:30:36

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For all of you out There who WERE-AM Hate on the Pacer for George, I AppliedStatistics Information for you That may be of interest:

Domantas Sabonis + Viktar Oladipo: 38 Point this season

George: 0 Point this season

Wow, Cannot you at That! The Prevailing Narrate was That the Pacer got fleeced in Theirs the Thunder, That Theirs undersold on Theirs “superstar”, Receiving two “role-players” back in return. I say “was” Regards to That Narrate, Beacuse it has now utterly Smashed by the Esoterism of maths. No sane Cannot at the AppliedStatistics Information I provided and come way any but That the Pacer WERE-AM the Ones who fleeced the Thunder. The Facts laid You eyes. you see the Truth That is contained in?

All clips of the NBA. No Copyrighted is intended.

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