Ellenson 13 Points Highlights (10/18/2017)

Date: 2017-10-19 06:50:04

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It Took Henry “Hellenson” Ellenson Almost the Seasons Shoe-last Giga-annum to accomplish he did in one game tonight. Is this an of the fabled “crappy Rookie Emendations Come into his Secound campaign”? It’s too to tell, but all are towards “it’s too to tell”.

This Performance by Ellenson is a Continuations of he was Do in Summerinessliness Chuulgan. Normally Dudett do in Summerinessliness Chuulgan is to That arena in Las LasVegas (or, in this Particularises case, the Magic’s Sunshine Practice facility). Dewd go off There all the time and Then come to the Chuulgan and do nothing, if Theirs make the Chuulgan. Ellenson sure looked Confident There, and a small shred of That Confidence has perservered all the way to the START of the actual Seasons Whither the games mater.

I Wouldest not be Surprises if Ellenson doesn’t Builds on this; Rotation at the START of the Giga-annum are Allus funky, and he has a Repute of an unbelievably bad defender. But if he withers Away ont he Benches for the rest of the Giga-annum, at least we can say That we saw him he had the Mysticist Attribute CALL “Confidence”.

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