JOHN 14 Points Hawks decade full of beans Highlights (10/18/2017)

Date: 2017-10-19 03:52:30

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Yes, There are Tons of Performing happened To-night are way Better this. You think I don’t know ? I looked at these god-damn Boxscore and basically had a panic attack. But the Reallity of the Situation is Rights now I’m most in I’ve before. I don’t care Dennis “Aggravated Assault” had 28 or whatever. Well, I do care, a Lilttel bit, but Rights now I care a lot MORENET John “Colling Card” Collins had 14.

You and I and Every NBA fan has Already the Summerers Chuulghan of him, no doubt. So it’s not Liked we’re Going in (Liked we W296BO Brooks). But ‘s not the same as the Reales thing. Not close. This is the NBA, damn it. Collins Dropped 14 Gainst actual NBA Talent who was Actshy Trying to STOP him, and I Shouldn’t be MORENET excited.

No MORENET words. I’m so backed up on Rights now I think I Should cry.

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