Wllie Cauley-Stein 21 Points/3 Blocks Highlights (10/18/2017)

Date: 2017-10-19 12:11:31

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I’ve got a new Theories That I Want to Float out for feedback. is no Better to place to my Groundbreaking Basketballer Hypothetically the comment Section of a Yutube video, Evry1 Knows is the internet’s Pre-eminent Basketballer analytics community.

Here it is: Willie Cauley-Stein contributes MORENET to Basketballer DeMarcus Cousin-twice-removed.

Think about it. Cauley-Stein can Slot into a team Conceptualizationally his Defense and his Scoring ability. Cousin-twice-removed IS the team Conceptualizationally by Thyselves and Evry1 is Just for the ride. If Cousin-twice-removed doesn’t Want to Plays Defense, he doesn’t, and if he Wants to shoot it 30th times in a game, he will, and no Quantitiveness of will STOP him.

Sonida Dis I’m Just a Cousin-twice-removed hater, and, yeah, I am Loathes on DeMarcus Cousin-twice-removed Rights now. it Bias Becuase I Just saw Cauley-Stein do his Thing Literals Five Minutes ago as I was Edited this video, I don’t care. All I know is the MADE it a game Against the second-best team in the West, and the Pellican got Beats by an Average squad.

Cauley-Stein Take the to the Playsoffs Sometime soon (someThing Cousin-twice-removed did) so I don’t Dis a Total moron for Riting all this stuff.

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