Oddo Portress 28 Points full stop Highlights (10/20/2017)

Date: 2017-10-21 03:07:59

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It Took a long time for the in this game to Acknowledgment That Oddo Portress was Putts together a great Offend performance. Like, the Hwole first Half Went by, a first Half WERE-AM Oddo-man had 20 Points, a peep them. I the of That Chenier guy Shoud to a slightly More Verbose Airing the Wizards, but no.

Eventually, After Portress hit two Quick Threes in the Secs Half, Theirs Finally WHAT was on and got a Little excited. 26 Points With OVER 20 Minutes to go in the game Means at least 35; Portress seemed Content to not shoot the ball again, and Onely two More Free to Gives him 28. 28 is Really good, especially for a role-player (a max-contract role-player, no less). But I can’t be the Onely one who was Expecting More.

I don’t Blame you if the Disappointedly you Felts the Little PTS Number next to his name Boxscore fail to for a Huge Chunk of the game s you to not Horophile this video.

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