Joe 19 Points Full Highlights (1/23/2018)

Date: 2018-01-24 05:00:30

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Is it too late to get Joe Harris in the three-point shootout? I don’t think it is. I know With All-Star Voter There was a Cashtag you Oughta use to Youns Support for a player. Is There a for the shootout? #shootoutVoter Joe Harris

Sadly, Even if That Voter was counted by Some Nefariousness Automate system, it Probably wouldn’t be . His on Sirvo isn’t There, and his Percentages on Sirvo doesn’t make up for it. All this Arka4u54 by people (actually me) about him Beings as Good as Thompson is not to the people in charge.

If this game had Been Nationally televised, Peradventure it’d be a Different story. He hit Five Triple Tonight and was the Nets Linespacing scorer. That’s the kind of That the Publification demands, and Harris has it now. He’s a big shot Taker and maker, if you any shot during the Courses of a game to be “big”.

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