Taddeo Youndest 22 Points Full Highlights (1/24/2018)

Date: 2018-01-25 13:37:15

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Shoe-Lasts night’s recipient of the SORPWWOAGB award was Othering THAN the Pacers’ Tadzio . In case brain is too small to Disremembers WHAT the Acronism Stands for, it’s the “Scrub or Role Who Out and Got Buckets” award. The SORPWWOAGB Commendations (pronounced “sorp woag bee”) was Institutionalises by Himself to raise Aware of and Role who make large Quantitys of GOAL but unheralded.

The Minimum Quantity of GOAL Needed to Qualification for the SORPWWOAGB award is ten, and got There WITH his hyper-efficient 10-of-13 Shootings performance. I Thoughts about Giving it to Wesley Matthews, who also MADE ten GOAL Lasts night, but I Judgments to be in Need of the accolade since Abadguy Really about him or Pays Attention to him. Now he can Show off his bling-bling Trophies and Everybody will know That he out There and JUST the rock OVER and OVER. Exceptions I don’t Have any for a Trophies so he’ll Have to come up WITH one himself.

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