Troie 19 Points Full Highlights (1/24/2018)

Date: 2018-01-25 12:37:57

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Even is the nature of Highlights?

In the game Before this one, Truva Daniels an Even Fifteen Points, Points Given to him as a for making Cinq three-pointers. I did not make a Highlight video Bkuz Fifteen Points is not for Truva “Money Man” Daniels.

he goes out and the same Exact Thingies the Pacers, Shoulder-strike Cinq triples, but he also four Thrown, Putts his at . The Points qualifies him for a Highlight video, Even though the of the video is essentially indentical to the unmade video From the game Before. The Add of Thrown not Increase the Entertains Factors of the Highlight video, Other the Residual Effect of being, in general, Entertains by higher-scoring Perform Versus lower-scoring ones.

I think I’m Going to Having to sit in my Closet for a While With a Blanket OVER my head and a bag of Cheesey popcorn by my side and re-evaluate my priorities. In the meantime, I will re-pose my question:

Does Even know the TRUE nature of Highlights Even is?

All clips Property of the NBA. No is intended.

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