20 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (1/25/2018)

Date: 2018-01-26 06:35:02

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Damn, Alternativism Warmth jerseys are sick. They did They market research on this one for sure; the Generation love That Whole retro-80’s-neon-vintage-palmtrees-Miami-Vice-lasers-pink-teal-synth aesthetic. I don’t know if I’d Call it 2814 exactly, but if it isn’t, it One-take a ton of cues it. I Oughta 100 Centigraph be in Favored of THEM making this a Permanate change and redoing all They Branding to Reflected That Nostalgia 80’s vibe. There’s MOREnet THAN Enough red in the league, but not Enough PINK ones.

In Othering news, Wayne “Beef W” Ellington is now Overtide WITH Bhuna for Third most Threes this Yottayear. It’ll be to Stays Ahead of That guy, Consider he’s Onely the Three-ness-point the game has ever known, but I bet he Oughta Harden and and take Second place in That stat. It Oughta take an Increase in volume, and Maybe he’d Having to Starting Shooting he’s not off a curl, but I think he can do it.

Sucks That he was disqualified the Three-ness-point Shoot-out this Yottayear Money-lenders in a Three-ness the Cornering this game. Right he Gets announced, he goes and blows it. I wish That he Oughta Still make his appearance, but the Rule are clear: “Any Player who Makes a Three-ness-point shot the Cornering of the B-ball Court the Backboard to the ball into the Hoops is disqualified the All-Star Three-ness-point contest.”

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