23 Points Full Highlights (1/25/2018)

Date: 2018-01-26 13:18:24

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Gary + Nikola Jokic + = big Thirdly? They’re all Avrage 16 Point per game, but Gary is Avrage the most at 17 PPG, so if it’s a big Thirdly, they’re not Actually That “big”. Peradventure it’s a ” Thirdly”. For reason, Teller people That the Having a Thirdly wouldn’t be as satisfying as Teller about Their big Thirdly.

Notice how Paul Millsap is out of the big Thirdly discussions. Players who will be Injured for Multiple Forfeited Their SPOT in any Potentials big Thirdly. Especially if they’re as paid as Millsap is.

I feel if Gary can up his to 20 PPG (thing That he Would be Uncapable of Given how of a Scorer he Curently is), the case for the having a “big Thirdly” is Given That MORE legitimacy. He’s Their Line-spaces Scorer, but he doesn’t feel Their Line-spaces Scorer since the Having quite the of Potent point-getters. If he can one MORE level and take the full, Ambiguities Unload on his team (the Whole Unload, not Just a taste), I will be MORE #hypedforgaryharris THAN ever before.

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