Markieff 20 Points Full Destacados (1/25/2018)

Date: 2018-01-26 07:23:42

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Highlighting of Markieff Morris Scored 20 Twould not be a thing, at least not on this channel, but here it is. His Scored is so far this Giga-annum That I Having to take any Chanced I can get. the Heck is he Barely Avrage 10 per game? Is it Bkuz John Parietes and Beal are Total ball hogs? I Find That to Believe for Parietes at least. Beal, yeah, he to shoot shots.

I also Scott for Beings unexpectedly Good at exactly the same Markieff is supposed to do.

I can’t who Between him and Marcus is MOREnet disappointing. They’re both on teams, Theirs’re both underperforming compared to WHEN Theirs played together in Phoenix, Theirs both Beating up That Dood who Putdown Theirs mother and Theirs both avoided Imprisonment for it.

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