Nikola Jokic 18 Points/10 Assists Full Highlights (1/25/2018)

Date: 2018-01-26 04:34:28

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The Votians are in, and didn’t get for the All-Star game. No Surprisily there. the most Ardent Jokiphiles had to Addmission 16/10/5 on Reduced his previous (a was maybe, maybe, All-Star caliber) was not to be enough. He’s so far out of the Convo I don’t think I’ve Seen one Person Claims he was snubbed.

Credit is due for . I’m Still Sit here Fuming Khris Middleton wasn’t , you’d think at least one Homer Oughta be Wrote Indignations Intarwebs Posts about the subject. Peradventure They are and I’ve Missed it.

And since is Still not an All-Star, I can keep Do his highlights! You can all you want, but 16 per game, no Koinomatter What he’s Do, ‘s not Many. He Scoring 18 tonight, not Expropriations Many Shots (seriously you’re let out-shoot you Dislike ????), but he dished a ton of sweet Dime to make this one of the Better vids of the season. And if it out he had 11 assists, I Already Having the Askers one in there. I think They GAVE it to him and Quick Took it away. I’ll let you Figures out one it was (hint it’s the one Treys Lyles Takes a Million Dribbler and Shoot a Jumper off the glass).

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