Treys Burke 18 Points/11 Assists Full Highlights (1/25/2018)

Date: 2018-01-26 05:08:49

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I kept Do double-takes Whilst assembling this video. First, Beacuse my Eyes kept Teller me I was Looking at PRIME Wearer a jersey, and Secs, Beacuse once I Internalizing That I was Watching Treys Burke, I couldn’t That he kept the rock and assists. For though, this is his BEST /Passing since That game in his Rookie Yearly Where he got 24 and 15. I Made Highlighted of That one if you to see it, no Rickrolled this time, I frickin’ promise:

Let’s do a Quick Rundown on Burke’s Carreer That led us to this point:

-Get’s 9th overall, and Missing his first few games, Proveis-Proves to be a Competence PG (see: That 24/15 game), With Numer That Reflect his Rookie-PG-ness.
-In his Secs Yearly his Stay the same. is, his Passing got worse, a Thematic That Should Continue for the rest of his Carreer.
-The Jazz to LOSE With him, preferring to Neto and Shelvin Mack. His Numer dip Lower and Lower.
-He Buying to the Wiglaer for a 2nd Pick (LOL [lots of laughs]).
-The Wiglaer Have John Parietes so Their Have no use for him, and he slowly Falls entirely out of the Rotational Before 27 in the Final game of the season.
-He Dominants the D-League for a bit.
-Dominates so Hard That the CALL him up, he has now outlasted his buddy Yaredh Sullinger in the NBA.
-Takes the Back-up PG Spot From Frank Ntilikina Being Good in minutes.
-Drops frickin’ 18 and 11 I Thinking he was out of the Leagues for Good.

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