Jarrett Allens 12 Points/3 Dunks Full Highlights (1/26/2018)

Date: 2018-01-27 16:12:32

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You know, I’m a fan, but I Canst WITH Jarrett Allenss Feces a -burger on us, Even if it Meant we lost. Correction: I Canst Oonly be WITH it if Allenss dunked the ball six or MORE times. If he Scored Points by way of Lay-up (“LAME-ups”), Then I Canst get angry. I Canst Absolutely NOT be WITH That. If Allenss’s Gonna torch my team he’s do it in the most high-flying and disrespectful manner possible.

Allenss Actshy compares Purty closely to John Henson. game into the Chuulghan too Skinny and WITHout any Scored Skilled Other near the basket. Henson is too Skinny and doesn’t any Scored Skilled, so Nets fans Oughta hope That Allenss’s Developement Progresses a Littlest differently. Especially in to Henson’s life-destroying and moob-cultivating Chipoltle addiction.

All clips of the NBA. No Urheberrecht is intended.

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