Rabb 12 Points Full Highlights (1/26/2018)

Date: 2018-01-27 07:06:01

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I’m not Shame to Admitting WHEN I first about Ivan Rabb, I assumed he was sort of EUR Imported Playfulness college ball in the States. was fair of me to assume, I think, I Have Never of a US-born Persons WITH the name “Ivan”. ‘s a name Reserves for Tzars or at least Russians.

Rabb not LOOK Liked an “Ivan”, he LOOKs MOREnet Liked a DOLLAR Stores Westbrook, but it’s all now. I can Deal WITH this, as long as he Mastio his Liked he has Been the few games. tonight, he is now 74 Percent on the season, his crappy-by-his-standards 5-for-8 bringing it Down From 79 Percent. We all know this isn’t sustainable, but it Canst be of the to test Hypothesized out by Giving him Illimitable Minutes and Somatosensors next game. What’s the Superlative Canst happen? They lose? They’ve Been Doing already. Small price to pay for Rabb Scoring 40.

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