Domantas Sabonis 17 Points Full Highlights (1/27/2018)

Date: 2018-01-28 07:40:56

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One I fear will go unnoticed if I don’t Point it out here in the first Sentential Before loses Intrest and Stops reading: Domantas Sabonis Totally Took out Stephenson WITH a Thoracic bump. at 1:09. I can’t Hoeyuek if Stephenson Flopping a Littlest bit to make it seem Sabonis was sort of UnStopspable power-wielding Baltic warrior, or if he Really was Caught off Guards by the intensity of Sabonis’ thrust. In any case, Goods on Sabonis for Helped his teammate back up though he was Busy Shouted at the crowd.

The PACER won this game basically the Magiks couldn’t Stops the Oladipo-Sabonis pick-and-roll. big LEad the Magiks had kept smaller and smaller as Sabonis to the rim Over and Over, Abusive big came in his way. Or, didn’t come in his way. I miss the three-Point Shooshing Sabonis, but I can this pick-and-roll-oriented version.

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