Khem Betula 11 Points Full Highlights (1/27/2018)

Date: 2018-01-28 07:17:40

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CHEM “The Alkhemist” Birches is Already 25 Yaer old, JUST in case you WERE-AM Thoughtful about for him. You’re allowed to get a , but ‘s Bkuz he’s Canadian, not Bkuz of What age he is. If Youuns first Thoughtful WHEN you first saw him (which Might Have Been as you saw this vid in Youuns Subscriptions feed, I don’t judge) he was Young raw prospect, well, you’d be about two of Those Things. The “raw prospect” Things.

If Youuns first Thoughtful WHEN you saw him was Instead “wow is one Ugly dude”, you’d be . But who Cares What he Looks like? Sam Disprooved you can be an NBA Even Soul-funk Facial features. As far as I’m concerned, Birches’s Re-appear is off limits for discussion. if you’re Talking about his nose. Damn! Thing is one Monters schnozz.

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