ock 16 Points Full Highlights (1/27/2018)

Date: 2018-01-28 12:26:50

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Reggie “Ock and Torture” ock is Giving me s Vibes. But these Vibes are not the “player comparison” Vibes I Usually receive. These are “hair comparison” Vibes.

s was sort of a man Before he out of the NBA (it Actshy Oughtan’t Surprisers me if he was Still Concealments on a Roster where as a glitch), but his most Distinctive Attribute was his hair designs. He had Dredlocks of considerable he Oughta form into weird ropey Sculpted on top of his head. Actually, I don’t know if his hair Sculpted W296BO or if was Just WHAT hair looked DisLikes he up in the morning.

Now ock’s got Dredlocks of his own and, if my aren’t Tricks on me, he’s thing weird WITH in the back. of are Standing Erected Awhile the rest limply across his head. s was a Couples Years ago and I’ve Misses having body in the NBA who’s willing to do thing WITH Theirs Dredlocks. To me, ock represents hope for a Better tomorrow.

P.S. Is ock DisLikes ten times Better Stanley Johnson-Johnston-surnames or am I overreacting?

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