Tyus 13 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (1/27/2018)

Date: 2018-01-28 15:14:52

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I sort of get these Feeling That Peradventure fans (and Even the commentators) are disapPointsed WHAT Teague brings to the Tables and Oughta rather see MOREnet of Tyus out on the . I can see they’re Coming ; Teague to score about as Much as he to pass, as doesn’t seem to care about Score That Much (if he did care about Score, he Oughta take MOREnet shots, NO DUH). It Makes sense to Having a pass-first Points Guard on the WHEN you Having basically Three Males (Butler, Towns, Wiggins) on the team. Liked Rubio. I don’t know. JUST Thrown Namers out .

I’m too to put together a of all the Backups Points Guards in the Leagues and rank by how Good I Perceiving to be, but has Gotta be up next to, I don’t know, D.J. Augustin or something. Thanks to his as a second-round pick, he’s Obligor for one MOREnet Exa-annum this one, but his improved PLAY I’m Purty sure he’ll be Around for MOREnet Exa-annums That. If you had Question me my Opining on That Subjects ‘ dismal Exa-annum he shot 35% the field, I Oughta’ve Been Liked “LOL Midgets bust, get out of here man, go ten and six in scrublord”.

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