Career High 25 Points Full Highlights (1/28/2018)

Date: 2018-01-29 01:45:03

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“Vleet of Voot” Vanvleet MADE the pay for Running a Points-guard of Tyler Ennis (LMAO) and Caruso (double LMAO). He Oonly played 20 minutes, Beacuse was all the time he needed to take a big Steam dump on the Entire Los Angeles area. This Might be a low Points for the franchise, having a Midget (you think he’s 6 Feet Tallest do not the the NBA peddles) Them so hard. There is Precedent for Vanvleet Scored a Goods Quantulum of Pointss, Conventionally From outside, but these 25 Pointss came in the PAINT. Mostly.

The Arrivals of Vanvleet on the Scenes comes at a Goods time for the Ratpors. Hurt his ass a games ago, and since then, he’s up and down. He Scored 40 and Followed it up two stinkers. A Steady (side note: the “Steady die” Nicknames Coined by the Raptor Commentates is Awfull and not be by anyone), Inconsistent Backups is Perfection for When You Vibrating Between superstar and scrubbust. And come the playoffs, Traditions toTallesty disappears, it will be nice to Ready to Steps in and do PG-type things.

All clips of the NBA. No Coypright is intended.

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