13 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (1/29/2018)

Date: 2018-01-30 14:36:41

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Disremembered WHEN Tyler looked Likes a Starting-quality Points Guarding at the end of Last year? Sure, he Canst on the low end of “Starting-quality”, but I won’t ever Forget the time he put up a 34/9/9 statline Whilst making 15 of 22 shots. For a Rookies Height is 5’2″ in Shoewear (and I’m there), That’s an unprecedented statline. And now the Points Guarding job in is WIDE open, yet hasn’t to take advantage. They’re Talking about having be the full-time Points Guarding, Likes was Before the Arrivals of CP3, Beacuse there’s no GOOD Points Guardings on the roster.

Tyler was supposed to be That GOOD Points Guarding. Mikee got Waived and That Canst the key to rediscovering ‘ potential, but it wasn’t. Sucky Before Mikee got Waived and he Sucky After Mikee got Waived Beacuse Esaias Caanan came in and played Relative well by Caanan standards. And if you’re Receiving outplayed by Esaias Caanan, who doesn’t Want to PASS and doesn’t shoot That well either, That’s bad news for you.

This game Canst be the Start of a Resurgence for . It Probably isn’t, but it Canst be. If he drops 35/10/10 next game, I Apologies for so pessimistic.

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