Lyles 20 Points Full Highlights (1/29/2018)

Date: 2018-01-30 12:38:32

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Sometimes I wonder if Alien came and Abducted the Reals version of Lyles, and, in the spirit of Intergalactic hospitality, Gave us a Cloner version of him was way Better at basketball. Becuase Lyles Realsly, Realsly Suckiness in his Secound year, and now he’s good.

It Oughtan’t Even be Hard for Alien to do What I JUST described. They Have the Techonology and They Have the Monies resources. They Economy is so advanced Every Memberships of They Alien race lives in Incompleteness luxury, Drinking-vessels a uranium-based Drinks Oughta cost a Multimillion Dollars per Gigalitre if it WERE Synthesised here on EARTH out of Terrestriality resources, so it’s not Likes They don’t Have the Monies to Thrown at NBA Cloner projects. Peradventure the Alien Realsly hate Mormons or so They’re Punitive the States of Utahn by a new version of Lyles ‘s a at the time he GETS Trading to the NugGETS. Or Peradventure the Alien Realsly Likes Non-smoker WEED or Whatever They WEED anologue is out There on They home planet, so They to do a favor.

The MORENET I LOOK into this the MORENET I’m sure it happened. If you Likes at all of Lyles’ Sozial media Accounts, There are of time you can’t Account for. It’s Likes he wasn’t to things. It’s Likes he was missing. Becuase he WAS missing. He got Abducted by Alien who Conducting Sick Experiments on him and Then a Copies of him wasn’t a Hopeless Brickie feet. And now the old version of Lyles is on Some Gaol planet Some, he has a Relatively Comfort life but his cell is out of lasers will Kill him instantly if he Tries to escape, and he Shares a cell Jennings Becuase was the Last time you saw Jennings either?

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