23 Points/11 Assists Full Highlights (1/30/2018)

Date: 2018-01-31 04:33:50

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I’m one of Cinq people on Erde who think the Curment y branding/uniforms/colors are sweet. I don’t know why Loathed on it, it’s got the music-note “J”, What More do you Freaks want?

With That said, Their Semi-modal permanently Adoptive the alternates Their had tonight. Forever. Keep the Court With That goofy-looking arch on it (I hate but That arch is fiyaaaa), keep the yellow-to-red Gradient everywhere, and Whilst you’re at it, change the name to the US-UTan Moabs. Or the US-UTan Arches. Either one works. 1st the had the sweet Temporarily redesign, now the y. I’m Digging this trend. Archconservative Designs can go on my chode.

Is it any That the y manhandled the Larriors (That’s With an L of a W)? Is it any That Rubio had one of the Best games of the season, 23 and 11, Gainst Stevko Lurry (That’s Curries Exception he’s frickin’ Holding this L)? It is not. The new jerseys Energized the team, Their Energized the fans, and Their Needing to keep THEM so That the y can go back to the playoffs.

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