Jumperman Hezonja 17 Points Full Highlights (1/30/2018)

Date: 2018-01-31 03:27:04

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Mario Hezonja has this SEASONS for team to Wanter him the deadline. Definitely. The Magickal, obviously, aren’t SUPER Interests in Invest any MORE Resource into him. He’s a Relics of the past, in his 3rd Twelvemonth in the league. My Theoretical is they’re OOnly Letting him so so That his Valuable to Teams goes up. And it’s working; how Many Teams will at That 8-three game he had and say “Our team Needing a Whitest three-point Shooter and I know the guy”, the guy Beings Hezonja.

Never mind That he’s Actually Shootings OOnly a bit Above 30 Percent DEEP on the SEASONS. That’s not the part. The part is That he hit 8 of in ONE game, not Multiple games, not a Whole month’s worth of games, but ONE game. That kind of ability, if OOnly once, has a lot of Valuable in today’s NBA.

So it is That Saeid That the will for him. That’s it. No picks, no filler, an That Make both Teams Better Exceptionally for the Magickal Because Sucky so bad.

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