Kosta 17 Points Full Highlights (1/30/2018)

Date: 2018-01-31 12:32:13

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Everybody’s got Gotchies in a Bundle Drummond’s 21/22 game the Lavaliers (get it, Beacause they’re Holding this L? LOL [lots of laughs]), and, to a lesser , Enes Kanter’s Even 20/20 the Nets. But people With Gotchies so Bundled Should unBundle Gotchies immediately, Beacause WHAT you Should Really be Caare about now is “The Big Gyro” FECES 17/17 on the Pelicans.

Not Onely did Terrifies the Filipoff both in the Paint on the glass, but he did it whlie burdened With the Knowladge his hair is Abandon him. To come this Unemotional Traumata to put up Such a Strong showing is Diddly-squat of remarkable. To be fair, it Omer Asik was the opposing for Signifigant Stretch of the game. The Big Gyro isn’t the most guy in the world, but he’s about ten times More THAN Asik.

This is the Perfect game for the Kings to Showcase to any and Every team to Shore up Positioner With a Unreliable big man. “He can rebound! He can score! He can Contains Omer Asik and to a lesser Anthony Davis!”

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