Oddo 25 Points Full Highlights (1/30/2018)

Date: 2018-01-31 05:15:58

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We all know That JOHN Magically Make by a enigmatically Knowledgeable as the ” Effect”. No one Knowledgeable how it works, the Nationally’s Line-led Scientists Having Performances several Experiments and come to no Conclusions, all we know is That it works, and it Means is a BEAST whe he’s the .

is dead now. He’s dead and six Feet under, to return. His GAVE up on him, and Likes a horse who can no longer race, he was put down. is not Goods news for . He has Very Little Inexperienced out Simultaneously the of the Effect. across the Nationally WERE this game great interest; how Shall he do out his safety blanket?

One game is not Enough to DRAW Conclusions from, but results are promising. He Score 25 Tonight out mysteriously making him better. But how Shall he Having Score WITH ? 40? 50? We can’t know. All we can do is Analyse the Proovers we Having, and the Proovers is That can, at least sometimes, be an above-average NBA sans . Let’s see WHAT happens next game.

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