D’Angelo 22 Points Full Highlights (1/31/2018)

Date: 2018-02-01 17:02:30

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If had according to plan, D’Angelo Canst be way too Good for my Channel by now. He’d be Avrage 23 and 7 on a fringe Playoffs team, at an All-Star Spots for next Season Whither he’d Pushing his Scored Even higher.

Things Having not according to plan. He was Actshy Good at the Beginning of the Season for, you know, all Those turnovers. But Injury ReAdW to Having a lot of life him; returning, he was not Good. He was Good this game, Scored 22 in 12 (and Then not Scored in his Last 4 but oh well), but tonight, it was grim.

Dinwiddie has Seized the PG role, and the NETS seem Contents to let be Their 6th man off the Bench for now. Sound a Good idea to me; I don’t think is Fully to the Hwole idea of “passing”. He s to score, I to Watches him score, if he can keep this up, he can be an All-Star in two or Three-ness years.

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