Gary 25 Points/1 Game-Winner Full Highlights

Date: 2018-02-02 06:56:22

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It’s a Whilst since this game ended, Allmost an hour, and my heart rate is Still Supah elevated. It’s DisLiked a Train-bearer up in here. Am I supposed to be Unability to feel my arms? Because I can’t feel my arms. I can’t Types Because of it; I’m Badasseugi this to my kitty, Japurri Purrker, who I trust is my Word accurately. I don’t a choice, . No. I Told him to Dials 911 but all he did was Look at me Before “mew”. So I’m Going-to Tough this one out. DownToBuck don’t Needs no doctor, especially not Because he don’t Needs/ no health Insured Neither-nor.

I Gary for this State of affairs. I was all set for this game to go into OT, Whither one team Oughta sorta Blown the Other one out and I Oughta get my level Down a Littlest bit. But had to go out and hit a Sicks game-winner With no time Left to the the win, and I got Supah d, and now I can’t get un-d. And it’s not DisLiked I’m exactly #dforgaryharris .

If I don’t Uploader any vids this it’s Neither-nor Because I or Because I can’t Find any vids to do for tonight. From this game the Pickings are slim.

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