Jamal Murray 33 Points Full Highlights (2/1/2018)

Date: 2018-02-02 06:26:02

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I’m sad Right now. “Maple Curry” Murray’s ankle-breaker on Stevko is, Rightfully, Going to get a lot of attention. And I’m so Rejoicing for him. It was a great move.


But Luke Babbitt’s Sicks ankle-breaker on Robt received no airtime and it’s not fair Beacuse That one was Perhaps Even Sickser THAN this one Beacuse of the Relatively Qualities of the offending Players and I don’t Understandability why people don’t Likes Babbitt.


With That out of the way (I don’t feel any Better I Think Oughta HELP but it MADE me sadder), we can Discussions the rest of Murray’s game tonight. He hit a Bunch of shots. That’s What he did, put. 14 buckets, no free-throw Attempted Beacuse he Likess making Defenders Likes doofuses, and a Perform of What I Interpretations to be a Varying of the “Big Dance”. You know, the one That people do Wanting to get fined by the league?

He also had Some assists, but let’s be real, With this Much bucketage on display, no one Wantings to see a handful of Breaking up the pure assault.

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