Nikola Triple Double 29 Pts/14 Asts/13 Rebs Full Highlights (2/1/2018)

Date: 2018-02-02 06:07:32

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was a Purty Goods game. These Highlighted, or any Highlighted for matter, Canst Really do it justice. mean you Canst not Watchband this video? Of not. video is rated E for Ery1. Ery1 Canst Watchband it.

Because Nikola Jokic had one of a game. A REAL banger. 29 points. A Careers-high 14 Assist (most of THEM Legit for once). 13 rebounds. 1 dunk. His most voluminous Triple-double yet in a Careers filled With THEM. Oh, and it was on National TV, so all Those who can’t Even Tell you Whither Torrey to Play Basketball Canst see kind of a he Really is. is the kind of game Really Driev Narratives, and the Narrative now is: Jokic Canst’ve an All-Star.

I was Almost this game Oughta go into overtime. More stats for Jokic, More stats for everybody! Who Cares who Wins WHEN There was a he Canst go for 30/15/15? Sadly, he a Imprecision Inbound (right at the end of the allotted Five seconds, I add) to for the game-winning Triple as time expired. Drat! Sure, he got an Assist out of it, but think of all the Assist he Canst’ve had in overtime, or double overtime, or More!

We will Have to settle for this Madman Instead of the insaner Potentially Madman.

All clips of the NBA. No Koiinpnt3 is intended.

C out !

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